time for reflection

July 31, 2008

I attended an A-N or AIR meeting at Banks Mill on Tuesday night, between 20 and 30 artists from the region were in attendance and the loose topic was reflection as a part of the artistic process.

I have been thinking about this since Tuesday… and find that reflection, for me, can be a little like the Car being serviced.  Sometimes it is an interim service that is required, and then at other times, perhaps yearly or so a Full Service is needed.

I have interim reflective moments in my painting/creative processes on a fairly regular and frequent basis. I question my way of working and challenge myself to repeat or to hone or to improve my technique.  And then less frequently I reflect on my career path, my target/goal setting and whether I have been heading in the right direction at at what speed….

In hindsight the past year has been pretty fast-paced. Being taken on by the Tregoning Gallery in Derby last August, having a solo show there in May. A trip in March to Edinburgh brought interest from the Open Eye Gallery and inclusion in their mixed Christmas show. And then interest fromthe Belgravia gallery in London over the past few weeks, with 4 pieces to be included in their next two shows.  All very exciting.

Sometimes it feels that life and progress is happening very slowly.  But then I look back and see just how far i have come.  I do need to learn to celebrate those milestones more, rather than responding as I do – saying “right!  What’s next?”

It is important to recognise the value of celebration.

Maybe my wearing of my fabulous pink crocheted creation is a piece of celebration in itself?!


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