summer painting drought

August 5, 2008

Whilst it is lovely knowing that I don’t have the mad morning rush to get the two wonder-boys ready for their day at school or nursery, it also means that there is no opportunity to get into the studio to paint…. suddenly all the deadlines will creep up on me and i won’t have enough time to do all the things I need to do.

Was it any easier when i painted in my old leaky lean- to at the back of the house?  I doubt it, then I constantly worried that the boys would spill paints and turps or make their own additions to my paintings… But like Jen I am itching to paint.

Ideally we would move house, a place with views over fields and plenty of room outside.  And with an outbuilding or two to convert into a studio space. Having a studio space at home would allow me to paint more often.

Before the summer holidays it was only 2 short sessions a week, when leo had childcare whilst Iggi was at school. Much as I love my space at the mill, it isn’t the best solution for an almost full-time Mum.


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