A good start at the Belgravia

August 18, 2008

On returning from a week in france with my lovely boys, I returned to my laptop to find a message waiting from the Belgravia…. two paintings had gone into their summer exhibition last Thursday, and on Saturday the painting posted above was sold!!

It is always difficult to know/guess how things will go on your first ‘outing’ at a gallery, and this the first work of mine to hang anywhere in London. The delight I feel today is tremendous.

As my work is so very personal, it is always strange to sell one.  After a whoop and a phone call to Angus to tell him the good news, i have to then quickly pull up an image of it on my computer, almost like saying goodbye…

It isn’t just me who is a bit soft though – this painting ‘Island IV’ was fondly nick-named Bee-hive by Jo who shed a tear this morning at the prospect of never seeing it again.  Surprising really as she only usually connects with pink ones… though the ‘toothpaste’ phase pieces are growing on her, apparently.  Talking of Jo, her poem ‘Peak’ inspired Stones I and Stones II, the Belgravia have Stones II on their wall too.  The poem of Jo’s is to be found in her first published book ‘Navigation’. A wonderful collection of poems. Check it out.

August is a funny time.  school holidays prevent me from getting much time to paint… I am in the studio today, but haven’t had much success as I feel that I need to get back into the flow… it is likely to be mid-September before things return to a kind of normality.  Normality?


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