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September 29, 2008

I crave it. And yet I make such little time to actually do it…. always finding a gzillion other things to ‘do’… when all I want to be doing with ‘spare’ non-painting and non-family time is roaming and hiking in the Moorlands and Peaks.

Sunday was a heaven-sent day. My good friend Jen and I went walking at Curber Edge and around Big Moor.  And what a day for it, we started in swirling mists and watched as they cleared to bright, clear blue skies with dramatic scudding clouds.  Soul-food.


Not only do I love to feel the wind on my face and the sun on my back, the pounding of your heart as you climb is a wonderful reminder that you are alive!  We had such a good time, striding along for the 7 or 8 miles that we walked, we are going out again on Wednesday, to Bonsall this time, for a ramble around the old lead mines and green ways.  It could be habit-forming… I do hope so.

And all that fresh air set me up for a fabulous day in the studio today! 

I had left early last Thursday having brutally defaced a painting that wasn’t quite doing it for me… It makes no difference to me that others had commented on it and liked it… you just intrinsically know… it just wasn’t right.  So, I let rip and assaulted it! 

I left the building very soon after, apologising to Hannah and Ian Fox (in the opposite studio) as I left for the loudness of Pearl Jam who had colluded in my assault.

But today the turbulent mess evolved into an exciting and dynamic new piece. And here it is Tower and Trees.


Shining suns and Rising Stars

September 22, 2008

Last Thursday Ang and I journeyed down to London for the Private View at the Belgravia.  It was a fantastic sunny day, and we made the most of being in London by going to see the superb Francis Bacon Exhibition at the Tate Britain. Well worth seeing.

We strolled through the streets of central London in the late afternoon sun and sat in Green Park, enjoying a spot of people watching until it was time to go the the Belgravia.

The Belgravia Gallery is an extraordinary gallery.  Not only is it a highly professional and successful commercial gallery in Mayfair, but also there are few galleries that could profess to doing quite so much as the Belgravia in terms of community and charitable work. Check out their website to see some of the projects that they have initiated and are patrons of.  It is so refreshing to be associated with a Gallery with such a conscience.

We were treated to the singing of the truly marvelous South African Opera singer Siphiwo Ntshebe.  I had never experienced at close hand the power of such a voice… every single hair stood on end, it truly was magnificent.

I was proud to see my work hung with the work of other new and ascending artists, they looked good. Actually, they looked better than that… they looked fantastic!

It was a wonderful day to remember, from start to finish.

shipping news

September 12, 2008

Sometimes life is a series of incredibly frustrating events.

Today I celebrated overcoming these events.

The good news is that Tin Mine is soon to be a permanent resident of a lovely household in Berlin.  Getting it there safely has created enormous amounts of stress, but today the dust settled and the shipping of the painting is finally sorted.

I had carefully researched the crating requirements and with the great help of my lovely father-in-law we packaged up the painting.  I sought out a shipping company that was both helpful and cost-effective. Excellent.  And then there was the question of insurance.  What a minefield.

Thankfully. the marvellous Olivia from Bell and Co in Derby sourced some insurance for me today and all is now well, but it was too much of an eleventh hour happening for my now tender nerves!!  I have lost so much sleep over this!  Its all very well having AIR and suchlike- but when it comes to the crunch, as it did yesterday and today, it doesn’t seem to count for much and is extremely longwinded…. maybe I am at fault with expecting to be able to make a call or tewo and have insurance sorted… maybe I have become too used to an ‘immediate response’ society… but only for the everyday stuff i guess….

I should have sorted the insurance sooner…. should have, could have, would have….

On Monday it will be shipped.  If an act of God prevents it from getting to Berlin at least it is covered.

Unlike the couriered Equus that left Derby last night and thankfully arrived safely at the Belgravia gallery today.  I could not get the courier to insure it once they realised it was a piece of original artwork, and yet they were ready to insure it as virtually anything else.  I had to take a risk with that one, and I don’t like taking risks with paintings in transit.

Boring blog, I apologise.  It has been a useful lesson.  yes, I am an organised person, but i must stop expecting everything to be able to happen Tommy Cooper style…. ‘ Jus like that’.

So.  Thursday.  The Opening of the Rising Stars Exhibition. Looking forward to it.  The people who own, manage and run the Belgravia Gallery in Mayfair are such a lovely bunch.  Angus is coming down with me and a few friends from the Big Smoke are meeting us there.  It should be a great evening. I will let you know how it goes!!

Almost there…..

September 1, 2008

A fruitful day at the Mill…..

Many avoidance activities this morning, once I actually made it into the Mill… the car is unreliable at best and almost gave up the ghost on the way to the car hospital this morning, hopefully the twinkly eyed man from Volsaa will mend it and make it happy again.

A walk up Thorpe Cloud with Angus and the boys mended me over the weekend, it was great – we conquered it just as all the other droves of Derbyites were descending, and so we were alone at the top.  Iggi climbed the whole way unaided which was his first mini mountain climb and Angus and I sat at the top filled with pride like puffed up pigeons. leo, at three stones is a weighty fellow to carry up there, but with a wave of positivity I looked on it as just a little extra exercise and a great deal more cuddling… It truly was a beautiful late afternoon and we descended whistling, happy.

I digress.  Tasks at hand this morning, before squeezing tubes of paint, were to send in my application to Nottingham City Open and sort out train tickets for the forthcoming opening night at the Belgravia.  September will see three pieces of mine on show as part of the ‘Rising Stars’ Exhibition at the Belgravia Gallery in Mayfair, London.  Angus and I are going down – and i am very excited and tremendously nervous!!

And then to paint…. the piece that i had started last week, came together today. Interestingly, for me, this painting had its genesis in a sketch book last week and has made it to canvas keeping a great deal of the sketch book stuff in there…. usually all of my work happens spontaneously, working directly onto the canvas with no preparatory work…. this time I wanted to push myself outside of the ‘normal’ practice and out of my normal comfort zone…

Two weeks from now Iggi will be well settled at Junior School and Leo will be embarking on his Nursery life…. and I will, hopefully, be moving back into the flow….