Almost there…..

September 1, 2008

A fruitful day at the Mill…..

Many avoidance activities this morning, once I actually made it into the Mill… the car is unreliable at best and almost gave up the ghost on the way to the car hospital this morning, hopefully the twinkly eyed man from Volsaa will mend it and make it happy again.

A walk up Thorpe Cloud with Angus and the boys mended me over the weekend, it was great – we conquered it just as all the other droves of Derbyites were descending, and so we were alone at the top.  Iggi climbed the whole way unaided which was his first mini mountain climb and Angus and I sat at the top filled with pride like puffed up pigeons. leo, at three stones is a weighty fellow to carry up there, but with a wave of positivity I looked on it as just a little extra exercise and a great deal more cuddling… It truly was a beautiful late afternoon and we descended whistling, happy.

I digress.  Tasks at hand this morning, before squeezing tubes of paint, were to send in my application to Nottingham City Open and sort out train tickets for the forthcoming opening night at the Belgravia.  September will see three pieces of mine on show as part of the ‘Rising Stars’ Exhibition at the Belgravia Gallery in Mayfair, London.  Angus and I are going down – and i am very excited and tremendously nervous!!

And then to paint…. the piece that i had started last week, came together today. Interestingly, for me, this painting had its genesis in a sketch book last week and has made it to canvas keeping a great deal of the sketch book stuff in there…. usually all of my work happens spontaneously, working directly onto the canvas with no preparatory work…. this time I wanted to push myself outside of the ‘normal’ practice and out of my normal comfort zone…

Two weeks from now Iggi will be well settled at Junior School and Leo will be embarking on his Nursery life…. and I will, hopefully, be moving back into the flow….


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  1. Thank god some bloggers can still write. My thanks for this article!!!

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