shipping news

September 12, 2008

Sometimes life is a series of incredibly frustrating events.

Today I celebrated overcoming these events.

The good news is that Tin Mine is soon to be a permanent resident of a lovely household in Berlin.  Getting it there safely has created enormous amounts of stress, but today the dust settled and the shipping of the painting is finally sorted.

I had carefully researched the crating requirements and with the great help of my lovely father-in-law we packaged up the painting.  I sought out a shipping company that was both helpful and cost-effective. Excellent.  And then there was the question of insurance.  What a minefield.

Thankfully. the marvellous Olivia from Bell and Co in Derby sourced some insurance for me today and all is now well, but it was too much of an eleventh hour happening for my now tender nerves!!  I have lost so much sleep over this!  Its all very well having AIR and suchlike- but when it comes to the crunch, as it did yesterday and today, it doesn’t seem to count for much and is extremely longwinded…. maybe I am at fault with expecting to be able to make a call or tewo and have insurance sorted… maybe I have become too used to an ‘immediate response’ society… but only for the everyday stuff i guess….

I should have sorted the insurance sooner…. should have, could have, would have….

On Monday it will be shipped.  If an act of God prevents it from getting to Berlin at least it is covered.

Unlike the couriered Equus that left Derby last night and thankfully arrived safely at the Belgravia gallery today.  I could not get the courier to insure it once they realised it was a piece of original artwork, and yet they were ready to insure it as virtually anything else.  I had to take a risk with that one, and I don’t like taking risks with paintings in transit.

Boring blog, I apologise.  It has been a useful lesson.  yes, I am an organised person, but i must stop expecting everything to be able to happen Tommy Cooper style…. ‘ Jus like that’.

So.  Thursday.  The Opening of the Rising Stars Exhibition. Looking forward to it.  The people who own, manage and run the Belgravia Gallery in Mayfair are such a lovely bunch.  Angus is coming down with me and a few friends from the Big Smoke are meeting us there.  It should be a great evening. I will let you know how it goes!!


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