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September 29, 2008

I crave it. And yet I make such little time to actually do it…. always finding a gzillion other things to ‘do’… when all I want to be doing with ‘spare’ non-painting and non-family time is roaming and hiking in the Moorlands and Peaks.

Sunday was a heaven-sent day. My good friend Jen and I went walking at Curber Edge and around Big Moor.  And what a day for it, we started in swirling mists and watched as they cleared to bright, clear blue skies with dramatic scudding clouds.  Soul-food.


Not only do I love to feel the wind on my face and the sun on my back, the pounding of your heart as you climb is a wonderful reminder that you are alive!  We had such a good time, striding along for the 7 or 8 miles that we walked, we are going out again on Wednesday, to Bonsall this time, for a ramble around the old lead mines and green ways.  It could be habit-forming… I do hope so.

And all that fresh air set me up for a fabulous day in the studio today! 

I had left early last Thursday having brutally defaced a painting that wasn’t quite doing it for me… It makes no difference to me that others had commented on it and liked it… you just intrinsically know… it just wasn’t right.  So, I let rip and assaulted it! 

I left the building very soon after, apologising to Hannah and Ian Fox (in the opposite studio) as I left for the loudness of Pearl Jam who had colluded in my assault.

But today the turbulent mess evolved into an exciting and dynamic new piece. And here it is Tower and Trees.


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