all’s well that ends well….

October 20, 2008

Last week was an even more up and down week than the one that I had previously had!  After a few days of researching galleries and making online submissions to them, I recieved a grand total of 4 rejections in one day…  they were all very nice rejections, but rejections none-the-less.  It seems that whilst they liked my work, the sale of more abstract art has slowed…

Ahh well. 

Then the ups.

I had two galleries that said yes!  Jo Bell, Hannah Fox and I were going to the Yorkshire Coast near Robin Hoods Bay this weekend, and so the galleries that I had ‘targeted’ were all based in Yorkshire, just so that on the journey there or back I could potentially drop by and say hello.

The Walker Gallery in Harrogate responded and asked if I could drop by and leave three or four pieces with them to see how their established clients might respond to them.  As my work is inspired by the northern landscapes of England this is an exciting gallery to show my work in.  I thought carefully about which pieces to take, and selected my recent piece (After Diebenkorn) Northern Landscape – loosely based on the craggy outcrop of Arnscliffe Crag – North Yorkshire, and also Enclosure I and Enclosure II that are both paintings concerned with the dry stone walls of the moors around Clapham.


After Diebenkorn - Arnscliffe
After Diebenkorn – Arnscliffe

 The gallery is beautiful.  Situated on Montpelier Gardens, a lovely esplanade in the Spa area of Harrogate, over-looking one of the greens.  It would be fabulous if the paintings are well-recieved.

The second potential ‘Yes!’ was not a Northern Gallery, but a Midlands Gallery based in the centre of Birmingham.  The gallery owner is visiting me in my studio on Thursday to hopefully select a few pieces for exhibition in his gallery in the run-up to Christmas.  Fab.

So, it feels quite busy and exciting at the moment.  We also have Open Studios at Banks Mill approaching and Derby City Open….. lots to focus on. 

By-the-way, the weekend was fantastic – staying in a lovely cottage not far from the sea at Staintondale in North Yorkshire.  We had a great time…. and we had to drive up and over Sutton Bankon the way there…. and up and down Sutton Bank on the way back.  A really beautiful bit of the Yorkshire countryside.



2 Responses to “all’s well that ends well….”

  1. tomvoyce said

    Hey. Really like your piece after Diebenkorn! I’m a massive fan of him myself. I would love to see more of your work. I’m based in Derby in the midlands and in Aberyswtyth, Wales. Feel free to check out my WordPress. 🙂

  2. tomvoyce said

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