20 out of 20

October 23, 2008

I had a great meeting today with Lee of Number 9 The Gallery in Birmingham.  It was the first time we had met, and after an hour it felt as though we had known each other a fair while, with shared passions for Art in the widest sense. He had seen my work in an email submission that I had sent over to him last week and was sufficiently interested to want to come over and see the work in the flesh.  It is something that i really enjoy doing, meeting with new people in my studio and introducing my work and process…. thinking back a couple of years and it was a completely different story – my confidence and self-belief has really grown in recent months. So he has selected 6 pieces to show. These include:

Given Form

Given Form




fragments II

fragments II

I will deliver them to the gallery after half term, which gives me plenty of time to get them ready for hanging.  It is a fab problem that I now have…. so few paintings left in the studio that I need to get cracking to make sure that I have enough for open studios and other forthcoming events!!
It has been a really successful couple of weeks in terms of researching and approaching galleries, hard work paying dividends.  And now it is half-term…. Lovely.   I am looking forward to spending some time with Ig and Leo visiting friends and family, and the blessing of not having to get up too early in the morning.
20 out of 20?
Iggi’s times’ table tests.  Well done Igster!

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