Remembered Landscapes

April 26, 2009

Friday night was the preview night for my solo show at the Derby City Museum and Art Gallery – Remembered Landscapes.

Lots of people turned out for it, faces both familiar and new, and it was a great evening for me.  I didn’t expect many people to be there as I had had several messages giving apologies from friends and contacts, but thankfully my expectations were wrong and it was an evening of interesting conversation and a lot of laughter.

Thre may also be some interesting developments born of Friday evening conversations.  I’ll keep you posted.

The highlight of the evening for me was meeting John Fineran.  John is an artist and writer and much respected Art Critic.  Last year he reviewed my solo show at the Tregoning gallery and I have been extremely thankful for his insight and his praise of my work.  It was lovely to meet him and make a connection… and importantly, get the opportunity to thank him.  Hopefully we will meet again, as there is little I like better than friendly and interesting conversation about art with artists


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