a good news week

May 13, 2009

Some days are great.  And when you string a few of those days together you have yourself a fabulous week!

On Monday afternoon I spent a wonderful two hours in Repton.  At the preview evening (Derby Museum and Gallery) a couple of weeks ago I briefly met with Margaret Orrell an artist in residence at Repton school who is also responsible for organising the exhibitions in their three gallery spaces.  I had known of the gallery on the high street in Repton, but hadn’t seen the New Court Gallery. Margaret and Jeremy (Director of Art at Repton) had invited me over after seeing mycurrent solo show in Derby, with the hope that I would like to exhibit there next year.

The current exhibition is the work of Michael Porter.  It looks amazing in the New Court.  The space is light and airy with a huge glass frontage.  I was blown away.  Michaels’ work is fascinating, the larger pieces are all hanging in the New Court Gallery and the smaller pieces are in the No 1 Gallery, a much more domestic scale of gallery space.

It is such a wonderful opportunity for me.  I warmed so much to Margaret, and also to Jeremy in the brief time we talked.  It will be tremendous to hang my work in the New Court, and I am already planning ahead!!

The show will be Easter time 2010.

The other good news was from Gallerytop, they had sold Enclosure II during the Survey Exhibition.  Hurrah!

Enclosure II

When I turned on my computer this morning to check my mail, I found another great piece of news awaiting…. Lee Benson of No9 The Gallery in Birmingham had been trying to get hold of me as he had sold Presence!!  Not only that but he wants more large scale works from me… asap!


Good news indeed.  So a great week so far.  And its only Wednesday!

But there is still a lot to do in the here and now.

The Belgravia want around 7 pieces for their summer abstract show which opens on the 16th June.  Its going to mean a trip down there in the car in the first or second week of June, to deliver the canvas’s.  I have completed a series of abstract landscapes for them and am really excited about having them there again.  They are such a fabulous gallery to work with.

They are using Red Texas to advertise the show in Modern Painter… hee hee!  So much good stuff happening!

texas red


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  1. Love your work for lots of reasons!

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