in conversation with Matisse

June 25, 2009

Another beautiful sunny day, it always seems to be so when Ang and I go to London.  This outing was to attend the Private View of Abstract – the latest show at the Belgravia Gallery which features 8 pieces by me.  And the work of 4 other Artists.  One of those artists is Dion, who we met last year at the opening of the Rising Stars exhibition.  Really lovely guy.  And his new stuff was fantastic,  his star is definitely in the ascendancy – next year he is due to have his first solo with the Belgravia – amazing stuff.  I’ll be there for that!

Even before we got through the front door into the gallery we were excited as they had used one of my new pieces in the window!  Fantastic!  Ang ranted (in a happy way) that he hadn’t seen this piece before – and why not? he asked – if he had have seen it –  he says – it would be on the wall at home.

.... the one in the window

.... the one in the window

Once through the door and into the gallery Anna, Laura and Lorraine were all really welcoming, as they always are.  It’s great to be represented by them, they’re professional, encouraging, supportive and friendly.  And the gallery always looks so good.

We had a fabulous night.

Oh, and the Matisse.  Angus and our lovely friend Dawn had gone for a little walk around the area, peering into the exclusive shops and galleries of the area.  On his return he was excited to tell me that there had been a Matisse painting installed in the front window of a gallery diagonally opposite the Belgravia, and the angle at which my work was being displayed mirrored the angle at which the Matisse was displayed…. and so, they were in conversation across the street…..


One Response to “in conversation with Matisse”

  1. Grace said

    …whispering sweet nothings into each others’ ears!

    I really admire your work. I turned my best friend onto your work.

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