proper grown-up

September 25, 2009

I get my new car today.

I’ve never had a new car before.

I’ve always had bangers that I intercept on the way to the scrap heap…. but today I wave goodbye to my faithful little red heap that has served me well over the past 3 years and say hello to my Nemo….. is it a fish or an alien?  Kindly and endearing Rob (grumpy and sarcastic by turns) who I  share a studio with believes it to be the ugliest vehicle barring the multipla… Lindsay agrees.  I think it has a kind of deformed cuteness…  But aesthetics apart its very ‘green’, cheap to run, and has enormous painting carrying potential.  Having a new car – makes me ‘proper grown-up’.

I am pretty crap at this blogging, it must be said.  It seems a pointless venture unless I have something earth-shattering (or even mildly interesting to say). Rob seems to think that boring blogging on a daily basis is what blogging is….a long twitter…. but i just can’t be bothered.   Lovely Jen thinks that Twittering might be a way of me getting to chat to Inspirational Eddie… but I don’t think for one moment that he twitters – surely he has too interesting a life to waste time saying totally crass or mundane things?

Backspacer – the new PJ album came out this week, hopefully it will provide me with more inspiration…initially nothing grabs me as strongly as most tracks on the Yield album which still remains my fave after many years.

Ang updated my website last night.  I wish it could be done by me… but I’m still not IT literate enough to be able to do it.

Lots of new paintings have been added – mainly to galleries 7 and 8.

Brimham Rocks III - still wet!

Brimham Rocks III - still wet!

Last week I delivered 4 new paintings to the Edgar Modern in Bath.  These 4 are going to be in their new show Align at the Bath gallery and may also be seen at the Affordable Art Fair in London in October.

To Crater Lake, at Edgar Modern

To Crater Lake, at Edgar Modern

The 5 paintings that were hung at the Royal Derby Hospital which form part of the Autumn seasons’ AIR project are receiving great feedback.  We are hoping to have a dscussion/workshop about these paintings with staff from the hospital, maybe sometime in October.

Hanging the paintings at The Royal Derby

Hanging the paintings at The Royal Derby


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