all done!

March 31, 2010

Again, its been a long while since I wrote anything….

I’ve been busy working towards my latest big show – Repton School galleries – just west of Derby.  Last April I was approached by the organiser of exhibitions there who asked if I would be interested in exhibiting in both of the gallery spaces… At the time Michael Porter was showing work there and I was pleased to be following in his footsteps.

I have made the most of the opportunity and have created works specifically for the space.  In the smaller gallery I have decided to show my emotive semi-abstract landscape paintings, leaving the bright airy space of the New Court Gallery for my most recent purely abstract works….. I’m so excited about seeing them insitu.

The exhibition opens to the general public on Friday 23rd April, with the Preview evening being the Wednesday before.

For the main gallery I have produced a series of 20 small ink drawings, to be flanked by two large ink drawings.  This series developed from a two week long ‘stream of consciousness’ in January, the stimuli for this being a chapter of the Roger Deakin book – Wildwood.  The chapter recounts a visit to and description of the woods on the Polish/Ukrainian border and the attrocities that happened there to the woodland peoples at the hands of the Nazis.

The ink pieces explore the events, from the Destruction of these people, their culture and their homelands, through the ashes of the burnt woods and remains, and on – towards light and life.  The work is my way of assimilating and processing all that happened there, through to my belief in the indefatigable nature of life and hope.  In the end it is a celebratory series – nothing, no matter how evil, can keep life, hope and light from returning.

Along with these inks are a group of purely abstract pieces.  Most of the pieces are inspired by the music that I play as I paint, as diverse as Elgar and Pearl Jam, as raw as Nine Inch Nails and as poetic as Smashing Pumpkins.  They are, in essence, personal reflections on experiences, places and people.

The exhibition runs until the end of June.

'Linked' - one of the new abstract pieces for Repton

Art of England – the art magazine available at WHSmith – features an article on my work for the exhibition written by Lucy Salt from the Derby Museum and Art Gallery.  The article gives an insight into my work and my processes.


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