Wide Open opens!

April 23, 2010

The past week has been a week of hard work and highs.  We delivered all works to Repton last Thursday and started sorting them.  And then, with a busy weekend ahead I left them all in limbo…

Friday – my lovely friend Lyn and my god-daughter Maya arrived from France, and thanks to the Volcano stayed long enough to be at Leo’s 5th birthday party on Saturday.  Of course it was a Ben 10 party, and the party was given high praise by Ig who thought it the best party he’d ever been to… note to parents, all children LOVE party games and traditional parties, there is no need for crappy Quasar and bowling parties… all the children want to do is shriek and play games and eat cake.  Though I wish we could have known that the weather was going to be so very lovely… we would have had it in the garden…. shrieking and running amongst the tulips and frightening the life out of the newest member of the family Duncan – John the rabbit.

Monday and Tuesday were the days of exhibition hanging and it all came together well.

….and then it was Wednesday night – the Private View.

The sunny day continued into a sunny early evening, the New Court gallery was beautifully lit and the paintings and drawings looked fantastic.  Dion and Emma had travelled up from Hove, good friends Siobhan and Mr P arrived from Warrington, Chris and Colin made the journey from Cheshire, and all the lovely people came from Derby and surrounds…  really thankful to all who came and made the night such a resounding success.

Lucy Salt, keeper of art from Derby City Gallery was the star she always is – we had an ‘in conversation’ where we discussed the exhibition and my thoughts and processes.  Lucy is both insightful and knowledgeable, and so passionate and warm.  Her piece of writing in the May edition of the Art of England magazine was terrific, and she referred to the thoughts that she had penned in the discussion that we had.

Later, the 6th formers produced amazing canapes for us, it was a never-ending stream of tempting goodies… I don’t think food of that quality has ever been had at a Private View before!!  Thank you!

And towards the end of the evening a few small red dots began to appear.  Hurrah!!

A big thank you to Margy and Jeremy from Repton School art department in particular, and thanks to everyone who had anything to do with the event, from the visitors to the catering team and Tom, Sam and friend playing the jazz.

Lucy Salt and me 'in conversation'


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