Freaking out Alice

January 18, 2012

Not only have I ‘updated my status’… I am revisiting my blog… and I didn’t even make it a NY resolution… no good at resolving to do things, just got to get the timings right.  And today is an auspicious day, almost an ‘audacious’ day a moment ago as I seem to be having a bit of a Mrs Malaprop moment too and fuddling my worms… I’m digressing already and its only my fifth line in.  So Al, this is for you, Facebook updates were just the start!

Last weekend I helped our neighbour clear out his studio in order that I can take temporary residence.  What a lovely space it is, and only a stones throw from our cottage… it is the most peaceful and positively encouraging space… wide enough, long enough and most certainly high enough, its great.  We moved all my ‘stuff’ in over the weekend and set up my beautiful studio easel again (that felt like seeing an old friend). I bought a heater to take the chill off, and have primed two canvas ready for tomorrow.  There’s no power as yet, but the windows are big and the skylights are many, so the natural light is just perfect during the day.

Confidence and inspiration have been building over recent weeks.  And so, after a period of 18 months I’m ready to paint again.


One Response to “Freaking out Alice”

  1. JEN said

    *fantastic does it have a kettle?* – Jen Aitken
    *HOORAH!!!* – the rest of the world

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