All packed up and ready to go

February 7, 2013

Its been a busy week and it’s going to get even busier!

I had to get one of my new paintings re-stretched this week after discovering that the canvas stretchers weren’t ‘true’ when placed in the frame….. Rather annoyed at myself for not checking before I started painting on it… A lesson learned perhaps?  Perhaps.

Picked up the two paintings of Northumberland that I’d had exhibited at Derby Open in Derby City Gallery and at the Midlands Open at the Tarpey Gallery.  The good news is that the Tarpey Gallery want regular pieces from me as they wish me to be one of their ‘stable’ of artists.  They’re great people to deal with and their exhibition space is lovely.

Having purchased the worlds’ largest roll of bubble-wrap (with a slapstick comedy moment outside the warehouse … large roll + sharp turn + unseen stranger = “ooh I’m ever so sorry!” as I bashed the poor man to the floor in the car-park.) I have now wrapped the paintings and am ready to roll all the way down to Dorset on Monday. They’re looking really good. I’m so pleased with them as a good representation of what my painting style and substance is all about. They’ve come together really well, and look fabulous in the simple clean lined frames.  Especially ‘Nothing as it Seems’ – the piece that has been in Derby City gallery for the past 2 months.

nothing as it seems_edited-1

I’ve definitely got to get more organized… I need to catalogue my work in a better way, I need to make sure that I know where all my pieces are, how big they are and how much they cost!  All the ‘business’ bits that are too easy to neglect, yet essential to have done.  What’s prompted that thought?  That I didn’t have a photo of the above piece until I decided to upload it…. it would have gone to Dorset without me having taken a pictorial record of it… rubbish!  get organized girl!


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