February 25, 2013

I’ve started a new big painting.  It’s sitting on my easel here in my studio as I write, whispering to me… I can’t quite make out what it is saying yet though…. I need to work at it a lot more then we will come to understand one another.

Painting a picture is very much like an ‘adventure with a stranger’ for me.  The canvas and I have a dialogue going, sometimes its a good one, sometimes we argue…. but we always listen to, and sometimes sing along to, my favourite music.  I never come to my studio ‘knowing’ whats going to come from the day or the experience… Years ago, I used to paint like that, setting out with the intention of painting a particular place or a particular memory of a place, and it didn’t work, not for me anyhow. They always looked as if someone else had painted them and I felt no connection to them.

There was something missing…. the pieces didn’t have enough soul, enough depth… hard to articulate it really, but the way I work now is totally unforced, I allow my subconscious to guide me.  I don’t think “right I’m going to paint Northumberland today…”  instead I think “right I’m going to paint today…. what shall I listen to?”  At the moment Lisa Hannigan and Nick Cave, with a sprinkling of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits….

I’ve promised three paintings to the Tarpey Gallery for mid March (eeek!) and I need to get a few over to Birmingham to Number 9 as soon as I can…. and then I’m going to be having an Open Studios on the first weekend of June, along with opening my tiny garden to the public too (as part of Kirk Ireton Open Gardens)…. so there’s a lot to do…

I’m sure I’ll get it done.  I will upload the current painting when it’s finished.


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