Poetry and painting

September 18, 2013

Months ago I flagged up an idea with a wonderful poet from Cheshire (Andrew Rudd) about doing some collaborative work, I’d asked him if I could use some of his words in a painting I was doing at the time – I Will Sing – further conversations led to us planning to meet in late Spring….. and here we are in mid September and I still haven’t arranged anything.  Life sometimes just gets in the way.  In a good way, mostly.  Andrews’ poems resonate with me, he writes beautifully about the detail we often overlook, and the questions we don’t find time to ask or answer.

Books by Robert Macfarlane, Kathleen Jamie and Andrew Grieg jostle for the top of the pile on my bedside table… and a stack of poetry books by Jo Bell, Helen Mort, Norman MaCaig and Andrew Rudd are found by my easel and on my workbench…. Lyrics of songs used to figure in my work, the songwriters like Nick Cave and Eddie Vedder seemed to put into words things that I tried to articulate through painting.  I still listen to those artists and others – like Lisa Hannigan, The National, 65 Days of Static and PSB.

But over the past year it is towards poetry and prose that I have leaned, finding stanzas and paragraphs which seem to articulate beautifully what I aim to depict in my paintings.

Currently I am working on a series of paintings that will be taken to Dorset in the Autumn/winter….

I have recently delivered works to Derby Royal for their Autumn/Winter exhibition which opens towards the end of September.  I will post pictures once the exhibition is in place. Six new pieces were also delivered this week to the Tarpey Gallery in Castle Donington. Targets have been met…. back to the easel now.

And I need to have that conversation with Andrew…..



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