All over bar the shouting!

May 7, 2014

Last night I wrapped the new body of work for my solo show at the ArtWaveWest Gallery just outside Lyme Regis in Dorset.  40 new pieces completed for this show, almost half of them small works on paper, the rest oils on canvas.

It’s been an incredibly busy time. There were times along the way (-since November when the solo was proposed-) when I thought I wouldn’t get the work done.  Target-driven, I work…  without a deadline I seem to lack the ability to stay on just the one task in hand, and become distracted by work on the allotment, in school, in the garden or general house stuff for the family.

For the first time ever I planned my diary down to the last hour with painting slots that couldn’t be missed and penciled in teaching commitments and Landscape work around the studio days.  Even with the fore-planning I did get a bit panicked around Christmas time at how little I had managed to produce. But the new semi-orderliness, and whilst I could shift times around if I needed to be flexible, I maintained the two and half painting days a week and painted – trying not to put too much pressure on myself and restrict the creative flow.

My method of working is always spontaneous.  I find that when I try to plan a painting in advance, the outcome is devoid of life and freshness, so I rarely approach a new painting thinking “I am going to paint ‘x’ today…”. Rather, I just pick up my brushes and put colour-washes over the primed canvas in oils – allowing the gestures and the colours to enter my subconscious and guide me towards certain memories…

It’s been a good time for me over the past few weeks.  I now have two other deadlines to meet from being asked to produce work for solo shows… both early in 2015, so I have plenty of time to get more work together, and thankfully will have the Dorset show to indicate the type of paintings of mine that people are appreciating and buying.

The Dorset show runs from 31st May through to the end of June.  Details of opening times etc can be found on the ArtWaveWest website



Dorset Garden 2014


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