Just around the corner

May 12, 2015

You can tell by the infrequency of my blogging that it isn’t something that I feel I can do very well!  Most times I have to reset the password as i forget it from one entry to the next – hardly surprising when they are a year apart… and it’s pointless me ‘resolving’ to write more often… I paint and create.  I don’t write.

I leave the writing to my very good friend Jo Bell, the poet laureate for Canals and Waterways.  Fortunately for me she will be coming along to the Tarpey Gallery in Castle Donington on the 29th May at 7pm to read from her newly published book of poems – KITH – the event is free, so come along and hear some brilliant poems in the company of my paintings.

It has been a long time in coming, Luke Tarpey and I talked about a solo show early last year, planning a year ahead.  Plenty of time.  Best laid plans and all that!  Early summer last year my life turned upside down, and through a very tragic circumstance I found myself teaching fulltime from July through to Christmas, with absolutely no time to paint at all.  The life of a full-time Junior school teacher is so full-on, I feel as though I didn’t see my lovely family for 6 months, never mind my studio and easel….

December19th.  My last day. Despite having tonnes of things to do for Christmas in Bergen with friends, I HAD to paint… preparing canvases for my return to painting…. and from Jan 4th when the boys went back to school and Angus went back to work, I have been painting with renewed passion and vigour….

In the midst of preparing for the solo show I was approached out of the blue to undertake a large commission of 4 paintings for a private client in London.  A very short deadline, on top of the paintings needed for the solo show, but hell!  Too good an opportunity to miss.


This was a commissioned piece, 100cm square.  One of 4 pieces that now hang in a private residence somewhere in the UK… It’s quite strange not knowing where your creations end up, it would be lovely to be a fly on the wall and see them in situ.


Another of the commissioned pieces also a metre square.

I now need to sort out some exhibitions/new galleries for the future months, working full-time put paid to all the planning and organization that would usually have gone on, contacting new and old galleries and traveling around the country making connections with people. That needs to start soon.

Here are a few of the paintings that will be in the solo show at the Tarpey. Hope to see you there!

Walking on Pendle

Walking on Pendle

Where Moor Meets Ocean

Where Moor Meets Ocean

Summer - Longshaw

Summer – Longshaw

Fantastic Journey

Fantastic Journey


2 Responses to “Just around the corner”

  1. They look amazing Heth! Great to see your new work.

  2. nannus said

    There are many artists who simply post pictures of their paintings on wordpress, and don’t write anything. If writing is not what you feel like, let us at least see your wonderful paintings 🙂

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